Monday, November 3, 2008

making headlines

The new header is up for the numen blog! Few kinks here and there that I will correct over the coming days but otherwise happy with it. Next phase is to take it into maya for modelling so that I can have a 3d mock up of how I want it him to look I will use the character model later for animation when I want to make a short film of the little guy. Here is some sketches I worked over to get the final header.

Everything was quite straightforward up to the point where I had to get the leaves onto the branch. I had to make sure that the wording in the branches was readable but still have enough greenery to make it a believable looking tree branch. It took me a few takes but I think what I came up with works.

1 comment:

Steve Talkowski said...

I love the new masthead logo! How's the progress for Numen coming along?